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Wrestlemania 30 Online – Watch Wrestlemania XXX Live

Wrestlemania 30 Online: Watch Wrestlemania XXX Live Event

The whole world is waiting. The Wrestlemania XXX Live Event is just round the corner. The key event of WWE Entertainment Calender. The official date for the event is April 6, 2014. As you know, traditional venue for the Wrestlemania events is Madison Square Gardens. But Vince Macmahon has shifted the event to Mercedes-Benz Superdome of New Orleans in the state of Luisiana. You will find that interesting string of matches are scheduled for the 30th Anniversary of the event. You can Watch Wrestlemania 30 Online Live from our Website. So, without further discussion, Let us see what matches are scheduled to take place there.

Wrestlemania 30 Online Live


Wrestlemania 30 Online: The Match Cards

When we are discussing the match cards for the event, The WWE Tag Team Championship is put on the line by the USOS brothers. In Wrestlemania XXX Live event you will see them fighting against Erick Rowan and his partner Luke Harper, the current champions. Let us see if these two can prove to be worthy challengers to them. We will also see Undertaker to challenge Brock Lesner in one of the fights of Wrestlemania XXX. Now speaking of Undertaker, he holds the record for the most winnings in Wrestlemania events. Many would fancy Undertaker to win the match being the vateran. Quite frankly, Lesner is lacking the intensity to match up with him. Let us see who pulls the socks from under whom by watching Wrestlemania 30 Online Live.

Wrestlemania XXX Live

In other matches, Danial Bryan has strong possibility to fight against HHH for the WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World title. If he wins, he’ll become the undesputed Champion. JOhn Cena is most likely to face Bray Wyatt should he wins the 30-men Battle royal celebrating Andre The Giant. Dolph Zeiggler also has the possibility to win the Battle royal on his own. On the other hand, Randy Orton and Batista will compete against another undecided opponent in a Tripple threat match. Let us see what happens in Wrestlemania XXX Live Event. You can watch Wrestlemania 30 Online Live from our website in HD. Get ready for Wrestlemania XXX Live Event in HD.

Let us review the match cards that are decided so far:

1. A Tripple threat match between Randy “The Viper” Orton vs Batista vs Undecided.

2. A Match Between The Undertaker vs Brock Lesner

3. Daniel Brian Vs HHH in the Decider for the Third spot in the Tripple threat match of WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

4. John Cena vs Bray Wyatt in the other Singles match.

Wrestlemania 30 Online: Watch Wrestlemania XXX Live in HD

We know that WWE Wrestlemania 2014 Live event will be hard to find in the websites in Quality stream. Though WWE has their own PPV viewing system, the access is limited. We are picking up HD streams of Wrestlemania XXX Live and broadcasting Wrestlemania 30 Online live in HD format. You are welcome to try our services and Watch WWE Wrestlemania 2014 Live through our streaming links in the post. You can watch through PC, Mac or any other device you choose.